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Welcome to R&R Rentals. We are a locally owned, general equipment rental business. We take pride in providing you the best rental experience. We have equipment for all types of projects ranging from lawn care to major construction jobs.

Regardless of the size of your project, from a small remodel to a major building site, WE CAN HELP.

We have three locations to serve you. Bellevue, Renton, and North Bend. We offer a wide range of products including: Scissor lifts, 45ft and smaller Boom Lifts, Forklifts, Excavators, Tractors, Rollers, Air Compressors, Skid Steers, Tracked loaders, Heaters, Fans, Dehumidifiers, Pumps, Generators, Rotary Hammers, Trenchers, Mowers, Tillers and much more...
Thatching & Aerating

A fine looking lawn is a prize we all long for… but how to achieve it? Two procedures that go a long way to that end are thatching and aerating. Although they are very different things, they work together toward your goal.

Thatching is the process of removing the mat of dead & decaying debris that naturally builds up as your grass replenishes itself: old stalks & roots die and new ones sprout. Unless that mat is removed occasionally, it will accumulate and hinder the flow of water, air, and nutrients to the roots. The result is an anemic, weed-and-moss-infested, disease-prone yard.

A thatching machine is a gas powered rake. It has vertical flailing teeth that comb through the healthy grass, lifting the accumulated thatch to the surface where it can be easily raked up and disposed of. The depth of cut is readily adjustable. Ideally you will lift out all the thatch and just scratch the surface of the dirt. The more you disturb the soil, the more stress you put on the roots, and the longer it will take for the lawn to recover.

If moss is a major factor in your lawn, apply a moss killer a week or two before you thatch. Dead moss is easier to remove.

Aerating compliments thatching by actually creating openings in the turf for those essential ingredients of water, air & fertilizer to access the roots. This is especially important if your soil has a high clay content. If you see standing water on your lawn after a rainfall, your soil is in urgent need of aeration. Most soils will benefit from an annual pass of an aerator.

A quality aerator consists of a gas powered engine above rows of sharp hollow tubes that penetrate the sod, and, depending on the density of your soil, pull out plugs up to 3-4” long. If your soil is clay-y, it is advisable to rake up those plugs, and spread a layer of sand or sandy loam out to replace them. If not, you can leave them to disintegrate and percolate back into the soil.

Thatching and Aerating are best done in spring, before the surge of growth. You might follow up with an application of grass seed and fertilizer. Then the lawn be able to take full advantage of your labors on its behalf.

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